SURFING IN AFGHANISTAN is about a young, disillusioned U.S. Marine and an Afghan soldier who go AWOL and embark on an epic journey through war-torn Afghanistan in a Volkswagen bus to go surfing a thousand miles away along the Pakistani coastline.

Surfing in Afghanistan is a timely story that isn’t trying to be one of those conventional, bloody, adrenal war films we typically see. It’s a unique and impressionistic road picture set against the backdrop of the beauty of Afghanistan. A film that will inspire and illuminate the human condition though war, conflict, nature, self-preservation, loss, friendship, understanding, grief and freedom.

The script has been described as a modern-day EASY RIDER and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.

“Surfing in Afghanistan has an intriguing and potentially strong concept that we’ve never seen before. It’s an interesting take on the road trip movie, complete with an odd couple thrown together and an extremely unorthodox final destination.”
– Film Independent